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Geometric Healing

The artwork is based on the Laws of Ancient Knowledge of Astronomy, Nature, Sacred Geometry and Other Esoteric Patterns Described in Many Ancient Manuscripts and Found in Ancient Monolithic Structures, Monuments and Religious Places it is Further Incorporated with Natural Crystals, Minerals, Gemstones and Color Therapy. Our Artwork Is Curated To Manifest Energies to Help Mind Body and Soul for A Peaceful and Glorious Life.

Husain The Curator Of The Geometric Healing Art Is A Mumbai India Based Sacred Geometry Expert And A Vastu Consultant, Who Specializes In Meditation Therapy, Energy Healing And Counselling And A Certified Therapeutic Healing Artist, With Over 19 Years Of Experience, Through A Deep Experiential Study And Research In Sacred Geometric Patterns And Other Ancient Knowledge Husain Is Widely Recognized As One Of The Leading Experts In The Country To Be practising With Sacred Geometry Grids And Is Known For His Unique Ability To Convert Vastu Solutions Into Art Pieces.

We also customize our Healing Artwork on Individual needs We convert our art into healing by using mathematical calculations, sacred geometry, healing colors and crystals. We evaluate the situation and problems of individuals with the help of their numerical values and based on that analysis we apply sacred geometric patterns, use natural healing crystals and healing colors of visible light in electromagnetic spectrum, that together create a mystical healing art which helps restore the peace and harmony between mind, body and soul.

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Beyond Thoughts

The body, mind and soul work as a system with each part contributing equally to the whole person. When in flow, this system facilitates the natural flow of energy throughout the body, without blockages or resistance. When out of flow, this natural flow is interrupted as energy accumulates and stagnation of energy occurs. Holistic Healing is about bringing any imbalance into alignment with its natural state of functioning. 



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