Holding Hands

Deekshanya Sugumaran

Reiki Healer
Reiki Healer

Deekshanya Sugumaran

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Practicing since:  2: 2020

I'm a Law of Attraction Coach . I teach techniques to attract the desires of people.


Many have achieved their Financial goals , attracted loving
 Relationships , Amazing health and material desires through my teachings.

People have increased their exam scores with my practices. I believe that we are born not to face the reality but to create reality.

I'm also a certified Reiki Healer. I'm sensitive to energy fields (Aura) of people. I heal people's past traumas and hurts in order to bring in positive energy field.


Many have healed  relationship traumas and health. I also do distant reiki to heal people. Using reiki I heal any illness in a person's body and it has given fruitful results to many.

 I'm a very empathetic person and a good listener. So I do help people put out their sorrows by listening to them patiently.


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