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Dr. Geetanjali Jha

Reiki healer
Reiki healer

Dr. Geetanjali Jha

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Practicing since: 1 May, 2003

"Sarve bhavantu sukhinah,; Sarve santu niramayah; Sarve bhadraani pashyantu; Maa kashchid dukh bhaag bhavet !"

Warm greetings to all the lovely people out there. I am Dr. Geetanjali Jha, I am a healer by spirit and profession. I am an ardent believer and practitioner of  holistic healing which is backed up by my study of Homeopathy (B.H.M.S.), Psychology (Masters in Psychology and Counselling, Art Therapist, Family therapist), Usui and Karuna Reiki (Grand Master and current chairman of Reiki Council of India, an organization registered with Government of Telangana).

Through my years of practice I have observed the importance of alignment in the "trinity" of mind-body and spirit, the state of true wellbeing and health of a person depends upon this balance. I feel blessed and privileged to have received abundant opportunities to learn these skills and to be a worthy channel to extend them to those who are in need. 
I am available here as a Reiki healer.

Health is not merely absence of a disease in the body. It is a state of complete physical, emotional, social and intellectual comfort, in which a person is unaware of the anatomy and physiology of his body. 

This state of bliss is only disturbed by disturbance in the harmony of the flow of the universal life force, or praan or chi, whatever we call it. In the fast paced, stressful and demanding life we are living today, it becomes very easy for that harmony to get disrupted. Thus we fall prey to many challenging situations, anger, frustration, stress, dissatisfaction, unfulfilling relationships, fear, insecurity and more such troubles crop up on the emotional front, which lead to lifestyle disorders like chronic fatigue, migraine, sleeplessness, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, low resistance to diseases, PCOS/D, diabetes, heart diseases to name a few. 

Reiki helps to regain that balance in the most non intrusive and subtle manner, so that one can enjoy his/her life to the fullest. It is gentle, soothing and the best of all, it does not require you to change your job or routine or regimen in any manner. 

Reiki not only helps in treatment of physical ailments, but it also helps to achieve emotional balance and vitality to enjoy good, strong healthy relationships, take good decisions in life, it helps in enhancement of memory, thus improving the process of learning and retrieval, also helps in creative expressions.

It is a beautiful process which helps elevate the quality of life in every way possible. Help me to help you, in achieving that state of joy in your being. 

Have a great day and a beautiful life. 
Good vibes coming your way.


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