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Roop Lakhani

Radical Consciousness
Radical Consciousness

Roop Lakhani

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Practicing since:  2: 2000

I am a heartcentric person and I believe that mind is a tool to create magic in our life.  I am a certified practitioner for Redikall consciousness, Access consciousness , Psych K, Matrix Reimprinting and more.


I can identify sabotaging beliefs and disempowering emotions that comes in your way to peace, progress and prosperity. I can take you through insightful and experiential process that can create instant transformation. 

Being an intuitive Tarot card Master Tutor and Karmic reader I use intuition and creative skills to guide people, create pathways for overcome obstacles and finding meaningful life.

Being a spiritual catalyst, I help you facilitate the accelerated and meaningful directions for an easy, joyful meaningful life.

I aim to support you in your journey by empowering you to know and be aware to, all that it takes to raise your vibrations to the higher level, opening the doors of possibilities,  closing the doors of unwanted patterns, negative mindset, limiting beliefs and toxic emotions that takes away your powers and happiness,  and allowing you to feel whole and complete to be abundant being. 


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