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Samina Kanchwala

Yoga Trainer
Yoga Trainer

Samina Kanchwala

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Practicing since: 2000

I am a yoga enthusiast and a firm believer of yoga philosophy and its techniques that are fundamental for a more holistic life. With my experience of more than 11 years as a yoga teacher I am now equipped with in depth understanding and application of this science of yoga to individuals life helping them achieve their goals of fitness, emotional and mental well-being and overall elevated state of living.
I have trained hundreds of individuals, taken sessions of many celebrity status people, done various seminars and workshops and worked with innumerable corporates helping and guiding each one of them achieve their goals.
I have helped people with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, sleep disorders, improve their condition and gain overall health and well-being.
Yoga to me is integration of all our states of being. Starting from physical body to subtle elements like breath, mind and spirit. What ever be your goal, be it weight loss or disease management or better alertness and awareness, Yoga is the answer.
Try yoga to see for yourself the said and hidden benefits in you life.


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