Holding Hands

Vidya Hazare

Spiritual Mentor & Healer
​Spiritual Mentor & Healer

Vidya Hazare

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Practicing since:  2011

Spiritual Mentoring

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


  • Being spiritual, as an entrepreneur helps to promote great leadership; every entrepreneur is a leader and how you lead determines the level of progress of your business.

  • Spirituality leads to more balance in life and makes you a calmer person ready to deal with everyday pressures.


Spiritual Healing


One on one healing sessions designed for dealing with challenges related to Career, Health and Relationships.



  • Removes blocks and emotional trauma stored in chakras and subtle bodies. Promotes Healing and well-being.  Gives clarity of thought and capabilities to take better decisions.


Group Training/Workshop
Corporates and Start-ups are always in the business of people, no matter the industry. I help with the process of connecting to their most valuable asset i.e., employees for greater organizational impact and profits
Benefits of a Spiritual Workshop for Corporates

  • Unlike usual management workshops and off-sites, spiritual courses work holistically on mind, body and spirit and have a longer lasting effect


  • Spiritual based training equips employees with tools to deal with challenges.


  • Regular HR off-sites where people feel motivated for that limited time, spiritual courses create lifelong inspiration


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