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Vipin Botadkar

LEGO Trainer
LEGO Trainer

Vipin Botadkar

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Practicing since:  2015

My name is Vipin Botadkar and I am a LEGO trainer.

I got an opportunity to get trained as a Lego Therapist In USA from BRICKS4KIDZ and that was the beginning of my journey.

They are Only Small Bricks But Destined For Amazing Things. It brings Your Imagination to Life! Leads to Language Development, Fine Motor Skills, learning and caring and most importantly its Easy to Build.

Today I am using Lego with kids to imagine ..... Create and learn. I have seen amazing results. 

It's simple and the easiest way to connect and build rapport with kids ...Lego® is used to teach children skills like turn-taking, sharing, listening, conversation, teamwork, shared attention, visual spatial reasoning, sequential learning and problem-solving.

When children or a child  plays with Lego®, they’re more likely to interact with each other or with me  through collaborative play. Individual or shared focus on building uses child's or children's strengths and helps them practise communication and social skills while having fun. Having fun is important. 


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