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Zainab Laljee

Bach flower remedies Practitioner
Bach flower remedies Practitioner

Zainab Laljee

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Practicing since:  2015

Ms. Zainab Laljee is a Certified Bach flower remedies Practitioner and Healer.

She believes in "Choose Healing Over Suffering - do not ignore the emotions that trouble you- Seek Help and Take Charge of your Life"!


Bach flowers are natural flower extracts that works on all kinds of emotions-eg: anxieties, phobias, insomania, OCD, low confidence, anger, hyperactive, uncontrolled behaviours & many more.

It's just flower energies in water, non medicinal, absolutely safe without any side effects! 

Works miracles across all ages from a child in womb to - children- adults & elderly. 


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