Counseling Course with Husain | 6 Month Course



Course Content :
• Skills to Listening clients patiently
• Counseling Skills

• Understanding

• Understanding People & Problems

• Important Counseling Skills

• Help them deal with difficulties

• Help them to take decisions and set goals.


This course will teach how to be a patient listener it will help you to develop skills of grounding and helping prepare goal of the clients. Counselling is a much-needed therapy, as lots of people are overwhelmed with the problems both physically and emotionally. As a result, they struggle to find clear direction and need someone to talk and take counsel.


This course has been carefully designed to provide you with skills and information required to be a counsellor.

Counseling Course with Husain


Beyond Thoughts

The body, mind and soul work as a system with each part contributing equally to the whole person. When in flow, this system facilitates the natural flow of energy throughout the body, without blockages or resistance. When out of flow, this natural flow is interrupted as energy accumulates and stagnation of energy occurs. Holistic Healing is about bringing any imbalance into alignment with its natural state of functioning. 



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