Macro Graphology Course| Course Duration: 8 session, 2 hours


Handwriting is a universal skill that does not discriminate against sex, race, colour or creed. Graphology gives an unbiased outline of the unique personality and behaviour of an individual, without them even being present.


Graphology is a blend of art and science. It is a science because it measures the structure and movement of the written forms - slants, angles and spacing are accurately calculated and the pressure is observed in magnification and with precision. And it is an art because the graphologist has constantly to keep in mind the total context in which the writing is taking place


Course Content :

Basic I
• Introduction to graphology
• Advantages and limitation
• Facts and myths
• Application of graphology
• Rules for sample collection
• Margins
• Base line
• Pressure
• Size of writing
• Spacing
• Slants
• Connections
• Zones


Basic II
• Personal pronoun PPI
• Pastocity
• Strokes and formation
− Starting stroke
− Ending stroke
− Segmentation
− Club stroke
− Claw
• Letter formations


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Macro Graphology Course


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