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  • Numerology- Advance with Dr. Divya

    Numerology is a science of numbers and planets where an individual understand the insight of it. Course Content : 1. Letters with Numbers, Persona, Heart Desire, Destiny of Name. 2. Stronger and Weaker Points of Name. 3. Balance and Rational Thought. 4. Personal and Special letters, Significance of vowels. 5. Zodiac Signs. 6. Name Change Significance. 7. Steps to make our Karma Auspicious and Birth year Birth cycle. 8. Decoding the Clock. 9. Chakras. 10. Remedies.

  • Numerology- Basics with Dr. Divya

    Numerology is a science of numbers and planets where an individual understand the insight of it. Course Content : 1. Understanding Numbers 1to 9. 2. Relationships of numbers. 3. Impact of Masters Numbers 4. Comparability Birth Chart, Arrow of Pythagoras, 4 Numbers impact individual life. 5. Impact of Missing Numbers. 6. Karma- Karmic Debt. 7. loshu grid.

  • Beginners Numerology with Dr. Divya

    Numerology is a science of numbers and planets where an individual understand the insight of it. Course Content : Understanding values of numbers Master Numbers Colour Therapy Removal of auspicious numbers and how to utilise them

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  • Healers | Healers

    Our Healers Dr. Divya Malhotra Numerologist Khevna Joshi Tarot card reader Samina Kanchwala Yoga Trainer Rukaiya Chinwala Clinical Nutritionist & Dietetics Dr. Nafisa Jawrawala Homeopathic Consultant Farida Gohil Nutritionist Nazneen Shaikh Arts Based Therapist Mariyam Badri Counselor Riya Shah Counsellor Dr. Swaroop Bhatankar Mental Health Therapist Shivani Shah Counsellor Sangeeta Gupta Advanced Pranic Healer Apeksha Gandhi Counsellor Fatema Barodawala Dietitian Anaita Veigas Clinical Psychologist Zahabia Jaliwala Certified yoga instructor Arwa Hamid Graphologist Dr. Geetanjali Jha Reiki healer Sakina Patanwala Counselor Gouri Malushte Medical Astrologer Shilpa Saakar Light Language Healer Hema Anantharaman Career Counselor Ashmi Shah Career Counselor Munira Gandhi Numerologist Khadija Electricwala Counselor & Psychologist Rashida Burhanpurwala Business Counselor Tanvi Guhagarkar Clinical Psychologist Aida Sanchez Fuentes Hypnotherapist (past life regression) Roop Lakhani Radical Consciousness Deekshanya Sugumaran Reiki Healer Rutuja Kulkarni Hypnotherapist Amatullah Neemuchwala Clinical Psychologist Masuma Badri Hypnotherapist Sakina Patrawala Dietician Yashvi Bhatt Clinical Psychologist Keval Kapadia Zumba Instructor Fatema Arsiwala Nutrition and Diet counsellor Sharebano Chitalwala Yoga Instructor Arva Balasinorwala Physiotherapist Zainab Laljee Bach flower remedies Practitioner Taher Kadiwala Physiotherapy Kunal Jessani Zumba Instructor

  • Healer - Masuma Badri

    Masuma Badri ​Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapist Masuma Badri Rating : Practicing since: 2011 Hello Friends, My name is Masuma Badri. I believe I am an Alchemist creating Alchemy in my life and in the lives of everyone around me. Alchemy to me is about transforming into the Best version of your own self, by peeling off the layers of yourself which aren’t doing any good to you or to anyone around you and I Love doing that with the work that I do. Coming from a traditional Indian background, rich in heritage and a value system knit in age old wisdom. Born and brought up in India, a mother of two vibrant souls, my journey has been interwoven with varied experiences that life has given me, which has made me an observer of a host of belief systems. Everything starts with your own Thoughts and YOU ARE THE LORD AND MASTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE. This perceptive, understanding and curiosity, led to me to this journey, which allows me as a healer, the ability to empathise with and assist a diverse range of people, all trying to the find answers that will free them from the known truths that they’ve grown up with - a definite challenge in today’s times. Verified With a penchant in Design, I completed my Textile Design and Computer Graphics which led me to launch my own design company in 2004. I have worked with big as well as small brands at that point of time. I had been a member of Rotary Club of Bombay Pier for many years and became the first Lady in the year 2003/4. For many years I have helped and done a lot of social work, which gave me lot of exposure, experience and knowledge. From Art, Design, and Rotary, I gradually shifted my attention to the mechanisms of Cosmic Design, through focused research and self-learning. Over the past 11 years, I have been delving into the spiritual realms by reading numerous metaphysical books, spiritual websites and communicating with my physical level Guides, Masters and Mentors. This self-initiated voyage culminated harmoniously in the year 2011 when I found my calling and established myself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained at the California Hypnosis Institute of India. In my journey, I have completed workshops like Diana Cooper workshop called ‘Golden Atlantis’ in June 2012 and Louise Hay’s ‘Heal Your Life’ training in May 2013. Yoga certification course in 2015 which allows me to work with my clients on a physical level too. Mind body Soul and Heart integration brings a complete balance and transformation in a human being and that’s how I like to work with my clients. I am a Radical Healer and work with Crystals and Pendulums too. I also love to work with switch-words healing modality, which works wonderfully with most of my clients. We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us -----Rumi Healing is not a quick fix, in fact it’s a journey and this journey cannot be blamed on external factors, it’s a dive into deep inner self or true self, and meet your own demons and finally heal. My urge to empower people around me, to be able to make even the slightest of difference in their lives, have led me to pursue this Soul journey. My clairsentience and clairvoyance abilities has helped me establish myself as a Tarot Reader and a crystal ball gazer since many years. Being a TWINFLAME myself I also guide many Twin flames on their journey. I am a practitioner of Practical magic and mysticism since many years, that has allowed me to work energetically, intuitively and spiritually to guide my clients on their spiritual and physical path. I am a Psychic Advisor On “Keen” and “Bitwine” sites (USA) Book an appointment with Masuma Service Provide by Masuma Hypnotherapy Book an appointment with Masuma

  • Healer - Sakina Patanwala

    Sakina Patanwala Counsellor Counsellor Sakina Patanwala Rating : Practicing since: 4 Jul, 2017 Sakina has a broad range of experience in counseling in person and also conducting online sessions using Psychotherapy and Arts-based therapy. She has extensive experience which involves counseling children and adults in the trauma of sexual abuse, rape victims, domestic violence, anxiety, and depression. She has worked efficiently with individuals of all ages, gender, sexual and cultural diversity. Verified Book an appointment with Sakina Service Provide by Sakina Counseling Book an appointment with Sakina Book an appointment with Sakina Register Thanks for registering with us. Our healer will get in touch with you soon.!

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Beyond Thoughts

The body, mind and soul work as a system with each part contributing equally to the whole person. When in flow, this system facilitates the natural flow of energy throughout the body, without blockages or resistance. When out of flow, this natural flow is interrupted as energy accumulates and stagnation of energy occurs. Holistic Healing is about bringing any imbalance into alignment with its natural state of functioning. 



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